Adam Dobbs

Adam DobbsAs a child I suffered from severe asthma, as a teenager I suffered from clinical depression, insomnia, drug and alchohol addiction. I was sent to psychiatrists, psychologists, rehab facilities, alchohlics anonymous, narcotics anonymous and even emotions anonymous. I was put on anti-depressants, was told to follow the 12 steps and attend group therapy sessions. These approaches did not set me free. Even though I was still in this extremely unhealthy state I was a witness to my behaviors and was searching for an alternative, more effective way out. I began a seated meditation practice at about 16 years old, at a time when the practice was almost non-existent on Long Island. By the time I was 19 I put an end to my substance abuse through sheer will power alone. I began the physical practices of yoga which ultimately lifted the depression and cured my insomnia. In 1997, I went to live at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for about 6 months where I did asana, pranayama and meditation at least twice a day along with studying philosophy, chanting and performing seva (selfless service). I began teaching Yoga at the age of 20. Shortly after, I received my License in Massage Therapy. I have continued my studies of massage/bodywork extensively throughout my travels in Thailand, India and China. I am the creator of Asian Fusion Bodywork® — a natural evolution of my experience. 

Years later, I experienced a very unfortunate fall when I slipped on ice. I fell on a cement stairwell which resulted in significant injury. While experiencing terrible, chronic pain, I eventually went to see several Orthopedists seeking some relief. I resisted the doctors’  strong suggestion to have surgeries. Instead, I chose a different path…  I chose to utilize a more holistic approach through bodywork in Thailand. In addition, I  constructed an even more therapeutic yoga asana practice as an attempt to heal naturally. As a devoted Ashtanga Practitioner, I have always found this system to be so elegant on so many levels. However, it was not enough. I continued to practice Ashtanga, but I began adding on several other postures along the way which seemed both logical and instinctive. Ultimately this helped me to develop significantly more stability around my damaged joints. As a result, thus far I have been fortunate enough to avoid invasive surgery. This sequence of asanas became my Signature Ashtanga/Vinyasa Blend which I have had the opportunity to share with so many students and teachers.

With 26 years of teaching experience and practice in therapeutic bodywork, my goal is to find ways to assist you on your path to optimal health and happiness…to share with you what I have found to be transformative, healing and possible!


For more information, see a list of my specific Training and Education and read the Testimonials from yoga students and massage clients.

Services available throughout the U.S. as my travel schedule permits.