Training & Education

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Training

  • Shri K. Pattabhi Jois, Sharath & Saraswati – Mysore, India
  • Richard Freeman’s Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Intensive (200 hrs)
  • Richard Freeman’s Advanced Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Intensive (100 hrs)
  • David Swenson’s Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (40 hrs)
  • David Swenson’s Intermediate Series Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (40 hrs)
  • Beryl Bender’s Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training (30 hrs)
  • Nancy Gilgoff’s Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Adjustment Clinic (5-day intensive)
  • Nancy Gilgoff’s Ashtanga Yoga Intermediate Series Adjustment Clinic (6-day intensive)
  • Workshops with David Williams, Andrew Eppler, Paul Dallaghan
  • Ashtanga Mela – David Swenson, David Williams, Danny Paradise

Hatha Yoga Training

  • Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training (200 hrs)
  • ISHTA Yoga (Alan Finger) Teacher Training (200 hrs)
  • Contact Yoga/Yogassage Teacher Training (now called acroyoga) with Nateshvar Ken Scott (200 hrs)
  • Trained  for one month in London under Edward Clark of Tripsichore Yoga Theatre

Massage Training

  • Associate Degree in Massage Therapy from The New York College of Holistic Health Professionals, Syosset, N.Y.-Swedish, Deep Tissue & Amma Therapy Techniques
  • Certified in Medical Massage: The Strenta Method from the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences
  • Studied Thai  Massage in the U.S. under Yoram Amiran, D.C. , Ananda Apfelbaum, Jonas Westring & Kam Thye Chow
  • Studied Thai Massage in Thailand for nine weeks
  • Studied Ayurvedic Massage in India for eight weeks
  • Studied Chinese Massage (Tui-Na/Massotherapy) in China for four weeks 
  • Attended Hospital-Based Massage Therapy for Seriously Ill Patients Seminar at the Hertzberg Palliative Care Institute, NYC


  • Completed Residential Spiritual Lifestyle Program, Kripalu Yoga Center in 1997 
  • Completed 10-day Silent Vipassana Meditation Retreat
  • Served 7 Weeks On Staff At the Omega Institute For Holistic Studies In Rhinebeck, NY
  • Miscellaneous Mini-Trainings in Yoga, Meditation & Massage