“I have been a student of Adam’s for over 10 years and I have found him to be one of the most professional dedicated and compassionate yoga teachers on Long Island.”

 “I saw Adam for lower back pain due to over work. He was extremely attentive and professional and zeroed in on my problem.  After my massage I felt more relaxed in body and mind. My body felt less tired and less painful. I loved the time to chill out and have some soothing attention”
– Jeanine Martin, Lac.Ms, RYT

“I knew Adam was an amazing yoga teacher but had no idea how gifted he was with massage until I experienced a session with him. Adam is knowledgeable, intuitive and gives a perfectly balanced therapeutic and restorative massage. My entire family has enjoyed Adam’s massages and they leave you feeling great for days!”
– Elizabeth Hammock Benjamin

“I have been practicing yoga with Adam for over 2 years. He is one of the most sincere, kind, and compassionate people I have ever interacted with. Adam has helped me cultivate self awareness, self acceptance, and motivation to work toward my goals; both on the mat and in my personal life. His non-judgmental stance makes him easy to talk to and his always well-intentioned manner makes him easy to trust. I have seen him teach a variety of practitioners, from beginners to advanced, and he is skilled at meeting each individual where they are. Adam is truly an exceptional human being and I am honored and blessed to call him my yoga teacher.”
– Stephanie Mintz

“I’ve been a client of Adam for several years. During that time, I’ve taken his classes and also have taken some private yoga instructions when my schedule did not permit me to take a class or when I felt that my practice would benefit from a more detailed, focused session. Even in a class setting, Adam’s extensive experience enables him to provide individualized attention to clients. Adam is professional, patient and considerate in his instruction, and I feel that he has helped me considerably. Over the years I’ve taken classes with many instructors, and can say without reservation that Adam has been most helpful and focused. I have also had the benefit of Adam’s unique “Asian Fusion” and deep tissue massages. For maintaining overall good health, his Asian Fusion massage is extremely beneficial. When I’ve had recurring back and shoulder issues, Adam’s deep tissue massage has always been helpful. Adam’s expertise also allows him to identify problem areas and work on the underlying issues, whether “knots” or some other condition. Overall, Adam is enthusiastically recommended as an outstanding instructor and expert massage therapist!”
– Angelo Mangia

“I highly recommend Adam as being one of the finest yoga teachers I have ever had the good fortune to study with. Aside from being thoroughly trained and deeply knowledgeable, he is always professional and a delight to work with. He has a gentle, effective teaching style and a great sense of humor. With Adam you will work hard, and he will keep you safe. In general I do not refer people to yoga teachers mostly because I rarely come across someone whom I believe in and trust the way I do Adam. Everyone I have referred to him has come back to thank me, and they all have had great things to say about their experiences practicing yoga with Adam.”
– Jodie Glickman Kallas

“If you are looking for a medical massage, thai massage or deep tissue massage I highly recommend Adam Dobbs. Each time I turn to him for help with some ache or pain I find instant relief. No joke….”
– Amy Halpin

“Had a 90 minute deep full body massage by Adam Dobbs in the comforts of my home & in all of the years of getting them, this was the best one I ever had. Truth. I am very particular & I don’t just trust anyone to touch my body. He intuitively knows where the stress, tension & muscle aches live & he skillfully & therapeutically works them into a melting surrender… honestly we don’t realize how much we “hold” in our body – I feel so good! Also, he is quiet (I love that, I don’t like to chat at all during a massage – I just played my music and let him work on me the whole time) I just want to pass him on to you …. If you workout a few times a week you must book a session.”
– Felicia Bessen

“I have been practicing yoga seriously since 2015. In that time, I have been fortunate to come across many excellent teachers. One of these teachers is Adam Dobbs. About one year ago I fell into the practice of ashtanga yoga when I stumbled into a Mysore class on Montauk. Not aware that this class was meant for students already familiar with the asana sequence of the primary series, I was lost, but was kindly guided along with the help of the instructor. During the class I marveled at the students — gracefully executing the series at their own pace and ability level — the scene was like a yogic temple in which each student’s devotion shone through. By the end, I knew I was hooked and happily surprised when my teacher said, “You’re a natural, ashtanga yoga suits you, you should continue.” And so the search for a local teacher began. I quickly learned that the ashtanga yoga teacher community is a very small one, worldwide speaking. I was very fortunate when the teacher of my first Mysore class, Christine Hoar, recommended to me with highest praise, Adam Dobbs.
Ashtanga yoga is known for its rigor, discipline and athletic challenge and finding the right teacher is very important.
After trying a few classes with various ashtanga senior teachers, I finally met Adam. Adam was a revelation in so many ways. As somebody who has been a student all her life, Adam was a perfect fit. Adam learned ashtanga with the most senior teachers, the unequivocal experts in their field — Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Sharath Jois, Richard Freeman, David Swenson, Nancy Gilgoff, among others.
He brings an over twenty year experience and knowledge base that just astounds. In particular, I am a fan of the Iyengar polish and emphasis on spinal alignment that he brings to ashtanga yoga.
Adam Dobbs is amazing in that he can technically and simply deconstruct and teach each pose and yet exert a kind of spiritual glow — a gentleness that allows you to get over the physical and mental hills in ashtanga. He, himself, is a gifted practitioner of the primary, secondary and third series. Adam instills in his students a drive to succeed at their own level but while keeping pace with the expectations of the classical practice. I can only offer the highest praise for Adam Dobbs. He is also an amazing masseuse. He has crafted his own unique brand of massage called Asian Fusion Bodywork, a blend of his experience and skill in thai massage and Chinese practices of healing body work. I have been the lucky recipient of both his Swedish massage and Thai massage. I have never had a better Swedish massage than with Adam. He kneaded my tired muscles and drilled out the knots that left me healed and blissed out.
Adam is the complete package — a gentle but strong teacher, a kind and wise soul beyond his years. Spend one hour or ninety minutes in his company and experience the magic for yourself!”

“The full ashtanga system practiced with devotion leads to freedom within one’s heart.”
-K. Pattabhi Jois

– Sonia Jauhar

“Adam is the whole package as a teacher: knowledgeable, awesome physical skills (which is inspiring) and dedicated to the discipline of yoga and to his students’ well being. I’ve been going to Adam’s Signature Ashtanga/Vinyasa Blend class for several years and have progressed in my practice and wow myself, which is all due to his consistency of alignment cues, steady count of 5 breaths for each pose and being present as he teaches, thereby constantly assessing your capability and giving great hands-on adjustments. He’s the best!”
– Elvira Weitman

I have been studying with Adam for many years. He is a committed practitioner and has a deep knowledge of yoga as a practice and a philosophy. As a teacher he is always calm and reassuring. He instills a love of yoga in his students with his skill, compassion and passion.
– Pam Tirrito

I have had the pleasure to know Adam as a teacher and friend for many years. His teaching and his knowledge is astounding. I am often blown away by his grace and skill, and the way he continues to evolve as a presence in our Yoga community. In that regard, he holds a very special place.
-Lana D’amico RYT 500

What a treasure it is to have such a gifted human as Adam amongst us! Very much a dedicated yogi. Adam leads by example. His unwavering devotion to practice is evident in his every action.  He is unpretentious, non-judgmental, compassionate and considerate of each person’s abilities. Whether you are in Adam’s led-class, Mysore Room, or receiving Massage Therapy from him, you feel watched over and cared for. One of the things I find most incredible about Adam is his open-hearted spirit and perpetual willingness to share the knowledge he has gained through his own experiences. These morsels of wisdom continue to gently resonate within me well after I have stepped outside of the studio. Spend a few minutes with him and you will see what I am talking about.
-Rose Cavacini

Yoga meets you where you are. So does a good yoga teacher. Adam Dobbs is that kind of teacher.

If you saw Adam’s awesome asana practice you wouldn’t imagine that he would be able to relate to beginners or older students with injuries like me. But Adam’s passion for sharing his love of yoga knows no boundaries. He eagerly assists students from beginner to advanced.

I have been practicing with Adam since 2012. I began with Adam’s Ashtanga Vinyasa class, which provided me with the proper alignment for the most classic asanas and vinyasas.

I began practicing Mysore Ashatanga with Adam several years ago. This a silent practice of the traditional Ashtanga sequence, done at one’s own pace. Adam helped me modify my sequence, enabling me to safely build strength, stamina and flexibility while avoiding injury.

Drawn to yoga at a young age, Adam was trained abroad by an impressive lineage of very experienced teachers. As of this writing, has been teaching for over 20 years.

Adam embodies the eight limbed practice of Ashtanga yoga inside the studio and out. He has a daily asana, pranayama and  meditation practice, and lives in harmony with the values of the yamas and niyamas.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to practice with Adam!

“I have also been Adam’s massage therapy client for about eight years.  Adam’s signature Asian Fusion Bodywork is by far the most effective and therapeutic  type of massage I have ever received for injuries, stress and strained muscles.  This unique blend of Thai yoga massage and other eastern massage modalities releases muscle knots, improves mobility, and promotes healing. Adam is experienced, knowledgeable , professional and personable.”
-Kathleen Bart RYT200

“Adam Dobbs Yoga that was the single best massage I have ever had!!! THANK YOU!!!”
-Cindy Mussman Valentine

” Adam is the real deal. Out of all teachers I have studied with, he is possibly the most authentic.”

“I have had hundreds of massages in my life, but Adam’s bodywork and massage skills are better than anyone I have ever been to.”
-Eva Boccio

“A friend introduced me to Adam’s class about 8 years ago. I knew nothing about Ashtanga at the time and it was his passion and beautiful spirit that led me to the begin my yoga journey. His style and knowledge is at the top of his field. I also had the pleasure to be his therapy client, and had the best massage of any I had experienced bar none.”
-Elysa Krukowski

“Adam is a true miracle worker. I travel frequently on very long plane rides and inevitably return with pain somewhere in my back. Adam is the ONLY person I have found that can alleviate my pain.  He is able to find the exact location and then work his magic.  It always works!!  I will never travel without an appointment with Adam when I return.  He is the real deal!”
-Nicey Berkenfeld

“Adam’s massage helped relieve the knots and tension in my neck and shoulders.  I found him to be excellent and would highly recommend.”
-Patricia Dalessio DiPadova

When I sustained an injury to my shoulder, Adam recommended a deep tissue Medical massage. Over time Adam’s technique clearly led to my road to recovery and relieved stiffness in my neck. With those issues resolved, I’ve been taking the Thai massage. This technique helps open my body and relieve tension in the joints which in turn gives me ability to go deeper in my Yoga practice. I highly recommend Adam not only for his massage techniques but also as an awesome Yoga Teacher.”Excellent experience and results! Thank you Adam.”
-Lou DiPadova

“Adam is an expert bodywork practitioner. I highly recommend Adam as a professional massage therapist and yoga master instructor.  Adam’s knowledge of the body combined with his professionalism and exceptional listening skills, both verbal and nonverbal, guarantee a massage therapy that’s ‘just right’ for any body. I consider myself fortunate to have found Adam for medical and relaxation massage as well as his in person and online yoga classes and workshops, both as an individual and in groups.”
-Natalie Penny, Health and Fitness Professional

“Adam Dobbs Yoga thank you for healing my neck & shoulders with your massage & for your 💯 professionalism🙏🙏🙏🙏”  
-Stacey Lynn Avidane

Adam, thank you so much for the session yesterday!!! It was the best massage treatment I have ever had (had done a lot in my life 😄). My neck and upper back now feel loose and relaxed. The pressure was perfect and your technique was impeccable. I can’t thank you enough for making all of the knots  and tension melt away. I can’t think of going anywhere else for a massage for now on. I so much appreciate your hard work, respectful attitude and demeanor. I have highly recommended you to a couple of my good friends. Thank you again🙏!!
-Emira Angjeli

I can always count on the magic in your hands and your signature medical massage to patch me up and deepen my yoga practice! 🙏
-Namrata Dixit

“I’ve done both your Deep Tissue Massage and Asian Fusion Bodywork and they are amazing for different purposes! Your intuitive touch is healing… thank you, Adam!”

“Thank you Adam for helping me heal, your techniques are incredible”
-llyse Leibowitz